Sunday, October 21, 2012

FunCom Extra Life Campaign final results

Well folks, first and foremost, hats off to my wife Laura Roberts who worked 27 hours straight through on AoC to raise funds for the Extra Life 2012 campaign for children's hospitals charity. During that time she was able to raise $135 towards helping out with the Charity. This was great work and showed a lot of mental toughness and stamina to pull through the whole way. Originally it was supposed to be 24 hours but she got an early start so went the distance for 27 hours to make it to the finish line. Outstanding work from one of The Ghost Wolves!

Over all, participants from all FunCom games were a total of 211 people with the highest donation of over $460 USD. Total amount raised as of this time was well over $5,000. They were making a goal of $10,000 so maybe next year more will join in. The announcement came  a bit a go on The Voice of Crom for AoC players. With such short notice I think it was still a success and still helps some youngsters out. Perhaps next year we will see more activity on this subject.

This still speaks well of many community members who actually care about things beyond their own selfish concerns and it's a proud day to see any success. It is my hope that continued efforts will help band folks together for next year and the years to come.

Be looking for us next year, perhaps we will try to get more of our Ghostwolves involved into it and help those less fortunate than ourselves.

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