Sunday, August 26, 2012

3.3.8 Patch ToS revamp, Sprint Revamp and known issues

First the ToS (Tempest of Set) Revamp:

Some of our long time guild members that are big into the ToS started doing some number crunching to see if the General tree was even necessary to deal with. The changes on the main tree weren't that significant but it did take a little tweaking. Our main ToS had to do some experimenting on builds, but he is now ranging back up into 1800 DPS without having to deal with the general tree. There are still mana issues across the healing board since the patch. It's significant enough that all healers and possibly spell casters need to take a look at their feat trees. Our ToS has been able to hold spell weave indefinitely with his current build post patch.  He still has to watch his mana a little bit but over all pretty decent parses have been achieved.

The Sprint Revamp:
 Got to say I love how this has worked. I notice a bit higher usage of my stamina when dealing with melee in raids though. It's not so much as to be unmanageable, but still it needs a little more watching. Now, FC say all swift mounts have been equalized, but I disagree. After testing with one of my guild mates; he on a Tiger, me on my Hyrkanian Horse....he still outstrips me in speed. Not sure how this works but I'm still not buying into the speed equalization of the mounts as yet. It's still nice though to be able to sprint much longer distances without worrying about combo stam issues. For that I'm pretty thankful.

Known issues to date:

Well, the patch overall was fairly smooth. BUT! there are some standing issues in game that have made serious play very difficult:

- Rubber banding and mini lag spikes in open world. Irritating but not game breaking. Still, combos are being missed or skipped. Makes it more of an annoyance.

- Lag spikes in Raids/instances: This is still infuriating. Patience has been our watchword, but it can be very very annoying. This has slowed out timing in combat seriously and has made it so when we should have won a fight, we lost it due to raid wide lag. It has also kicked some people out of the game.

- Adds bugged in W2: This was specific to our guild and not necessarily Server wide, but on 3 attempts at Suruah, 1 dusk fiend per run was bugged and would not die. Not a game breaker as it was frozen, but still an issue. Incubus/Succubus also had an odd bug. They wouldn't walk to each other on the regular proc. Instead at random interval, Inccy would literally RUN to Succi so it was a crazy race to get him back into his side of the room. Didn't break the encounter as we thought fast on our feet, but it was very annoying.

- Trade house not sending bought items. Now THIS is a real pisser. It is a server wide issue so be warned till a hotfix comes into play. Players attempting to collect items they bought from the Trader are not showing up in their mail at all. I think this is a by product of the game mail system changes that were put into effect so that if you mailed someone an item, it doesn't leave your inventory till they pick it up. Anyways, on one of my lowbie toons, I spent 6 gold for upgrades and have yet to see either the items or money returned. I dropped my Stonerune UI to see if that would change it and nope, it does not. GM said to repetition in a few hours if the items do not show up.

If you see any further issues you might want to add in, please post here. I's like to make a collection to send it up to FC to see what they can do about it.

Anyways, even with the issues which will prolly get fixed in the next week or so, I hope to see ya all out in Hyboria, slashing and hacking your way to glory!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Big Picture

A view from the Top.
I've been crazy busy of late. RL has kept me hoppin and poppin all over. The guild has seen some ebb and flow. Late summer as always seems to be a really slow time for guilds and activity in AoC. But fall is coming soon and hopefully we will see some of our vacationers return. Recently as most know in the game, Wiccana and Set servers have merged. This is supposed to be the first step in cross server tech, though I'm thinking FunCom will prolly just keep it as it is. However, this was a boon for the PvE community as far as increased activity. There have been numerous transfers from the PvP server over to Set as well. Most I see do a lot of trolling and then pouncing on unsuspecting casual PvPers but that is life on the battle field. I figure if you do go into the minis or take your chances at pounding rocks, well....that is the risk you have to deal with. I have noticed though that there has been an influx of Tyranny transfers that are really good folk. They have been helpful and fun to play with. So...not too bad of a deal I'm thinking.

The Sprint revamp and ToS revamp are both on live. So far I don't hear too many complaints about it. There have been a few issues though. Last night while running W2 BRC, 3 of our members all of a sudden had their Feat trees completely drop as we zoned in. Talk about a heart attack! Good thing we caught it before the mayhem ensued. It was only caught when a couple people noticed specific skills were missing on their hot bars. Anyway, I do enjoy the sprint and dash capabilities. It works pretty decent. ToS folks are still tweaking their builds and figuring out how much the changes really affected the class. The reviews are mixed at this point but I haven't noticed too many serious bad commentary on them. Given time, much like the PoM revamp they will get used to the new system and then drive on.

The troubles I have seen bug wise so far has been mini lag spikes from hell. We were able to compensate for them during raid, but the server side performance really sucked. FC did a hot patch yesterday to fix the issue, but it still remains laggy in raids and instances. Rubber banding still is occurring as well. This seems to happen with every major patch so hopefully it goes away in a week or 2.

Ahazu down, Awesome Teamwork!
Ahazu went down pretty nice after the fourth try for us. I think we got the mechanics hammered down for good now. Took a couple rounds, but we got him finished before 1 circuit of the halls were made. One thing that helped was having 2 guards on Stinky trading aggro. This made it much easier for the heal team to keep our tanks full up. The other thing that we finally tweaked was once the adds popped, the MT team used only irritates till the adds peeled completely off. It took a little patience but I think the strat is now perfected for us and shouldn't hit us up with show stoppers in the future. Incci/Succi went down fairly easy this round with minimal hassle or issue. Our next big project is Saruah. Hopefully we won't spend too many weeks on her.

The Trade house in all of its glory!
The guild city now has every building with the exception of the Tavern at T3. This was a long endeavor but well worth the effort. We are now working on the walls, towers and gates. Then...we are finished!The efforts were awesome by everyone and it's a damned proud sight to see. Friendships have been built, teamwork continues to grow. Over all...what a journey so far. Anyways, just some thoughts from me to all those that still read here. Sorry I haven't posted much but I'll tell ya, runnin a guild, a real life and a family aint easy, but the rewards are always fun!

The New Temple

Till next time, I'll see ya on the high ground!