Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Forgotten City Unchained Solo

So I had the opportunity to go check out the Forgotten City Solo in Unchained mode. I would not recommend it for a fresh lv 80 toon without any critigation and only lv 80 blues gear. It might be obtainable but is kind of a rough run. I first tried my fresh 80 Conq (Mhorgrim) in Brute speccing and had to pull individually on the trash mobs just to have a chance. Needless to say, it did not go well, especially at the first boss encounter.

So I went in on Czcibor, my Bear Shammy that has a fair amount of gear both Khitai and raid. Much easier. It was still a bit of a challenge, and here is why:

The panthers hit for a ton of damage and occasionally a bleed effect that is pretty vicious. All trash Mobs are lv 83 so it take a little bit of doing. The Scorpians have a lovely poison DoT as well as an armor wreck that makes life a lil annoying. Still, not too bad of a fight. Just about all of the Mobs were dropping tokens of esteem, and a few dropped pouches that contained some 2k Mastery books. Handy. All of them were giving me between 475-540 mastery pts. per kill, which isn't too bad by the way.

The First Boss:

Most of the mechanics are the same, when he stuns you, the second you get un-stunned, run out of his AoE or you will hate life. Second serious ability is a Leech life which has a pretty serious range on it. This one I was able to heal through fairly decently with no major issue, but on my Conq...epic fail. Not that my conq is bad, just badly geared with no critigation. Anyways, it was sort of a kite fight so be on your toes with it. Just be aware of his casts and be ready to move out of the way fast. I would say the first boss for my Bear Shaman was the hardest. Drop included some nice potions and a 20k mastery book. Not too bad there.

Don't forget to pick up the scrolls on the ground at the entrance of the main city, at the base of the steps, in front of the second boss and at the base of the long stairway up to the temple.

The Second Boss.

Same fight mechanic on the ledge. Blue Typhoon casts a little faster though so be ready for a lot of back and forth. When you see him cast the Typhoon, haul ass (read SPRINT) and get behind the wall. His other spells had dps in them, but again I wasn't too hard pressed to heal through them. The white tornadoes seem to hover a bit longer and do a fair amount more damage than on easy mode, so I would do a bit of fast footwork to avoid them. Other than that, the fight wasn't too overwhelming. Again loot was a hefty Mastery book along with some nice pots, and he also dropped a blue healer necklace. Didn't really do me much good per se as I am more inclined on the DPS side than heal botting.

Trash from here seem to aggro up pretty quick and at range. Individually or in pairs, not too hard to over come. However, at one point I was dealing with 4 casters which made things annoying. Again, they do have some increased distance to aggro.

Mechanics from here pretty much the same, the tree of life hit before you aggro all the mobs, no issue what so ever. Don't forget to drop the blood you have collected from the scrolls quest at the center of the Temple before taking on the final boss.

The Third Boss:

Now I'm not sure if it was just my lucky day, or if the instance developers didn't increase the difficulty of the final boss fight. I had him down about 80% before he cast his first knock back and sprint. The tactic here is the same, get to the alter he goes after and right click on it before he finishes casting his spell to keep him down. Then it's the chase game to burn him down. Anyways, he was an easy kill for me. Drop included a jar for mastery, more pots, 3 Imp Insignia Boxes of 30 tokens each...very nice, and another 20k Book of Mastery.

So, while you won't see major gear rewards, it is worth it to get the Imperial Insignias and all the mastery that comes along with it. Occasionally these bosses will drop decent Lv 80 Blue Cloaks, Necklaces and Rings which will assist in gearing.

I recommend this run as it only took me like 20 min to clear through and the mastery returns as well as the Imperial Insignias were worth my time. Go check it out when you get the chance! It's at the Gateway to Khitai if you haven't been there already. By the way, Both the Forgotten City and The Breach are scaleable dungeons to lv with from about lv 30 all the way on out to 80. The Breach also has an Unchained GROUP instance that will keep you well challenged with new and interesting fights. Once I can get my teams in there on a regular basis, I'll come back and give a report on the Boss fights there.

I have yet to hit up on the Deadman's Hand Solo Unchained. Never was fond of the area, but it may appeal to some, so go check it out if you get the chance.


  1. Did you not get a rare off the last boss? He should drop one. I personally think he should drop 1-3, like the Apostate boss. This instance is probably slightly easier though, so maybe only 2. Only one seems more hassle than its worth.

    And that chap on the ledge? When he does his big knock back whirlwind, you can double-tap forward. You end up on your feet, back in front of him, and can just keep on dps'ing.

    The Breach needs tweaking. While it looks great, and the fights are pretty reasonable, the rewards are poor. One rare? Really Funcom? Tut tut - should be 2-3 at a minimum. We did it the other week, just to try it out, and while fun, nobody was clamoring to go back any time soon. Dead Mans Hand though.........

    DMH is actually pretty rewarding, both in entertainment and loot. You get 3 rares when you kill the final random mini boss, plus heaps of loot bags ( I scored a neat blue cloak out of one last night), mastery pots, a chance at a rare pet, and a ring or necklace. When you first go there their are some one time quests as well, which flesh out the island a bit, but it also has repeatables. First time there it will take a while to clean up all the quests, but every time after that's it's just pinging the bosses and collecting 3 rares + loot. Goes very quick.

    When raids or 6mans are not on, DMH + Apostate + Monkey Island + Forgotten City together can farm a minimum 10 rares a day. More if the Monkey and Apostate boss play nice. Add that to all the loot bags and Mastery pots - it ain't a bad haul, and beats faction grinding any time.



    1. Good points, maybe I'll have to try DHM for the loot. The last Boss didnt give me any loot Im afraid. It could be random loo tables, though I'll be back at it again soon. Good call!

  2. nice guide. Sadly my assassin is so OP now (after 2 years of grind :D) that I can ignore boss mechanics and just spank them into oblivion. Yeah, I am shaking my epeen at ya.

    I will mention this guide in "This week in Hyboria" post, new weekly news thing that I am doing.

    1. @Slith - Ya Czcibor isn't really heavily geared or AA'd and he did just fine. But honestly for a new 80 it is pretty daunting. Thanks much for the mention my friend :)

    2. @ Slith ~ Thanks for the worthy mention my friend!

  3. Thanks for the writeup on this, I found this mission and The Breach to be interesting in concept and well done, what I've seen of them so far, but I feel a lot of this top-level stuff should be more scaled to the toon. Not all of raid, and not all of us are running around even in Khitai gear. If AoC were my main MMO I might be more prone to the grind, but Khitai in general is laggy and always have been. I actually spend more time in the West and always have, even if I'm just on for some role-play. I think a lot of this should scale for a challenging but doable run in blues, even.

    1. @ Kiri ~
      Glad you found it useful Kiri. Hopefully we see more of these Unchained Solo dungeons. Try out the Deadman's Hand as well. While pirates aren't really my thing, I am hearing pretty good feedback on it.

      Also note 3.3.6 as raids for t1 and T2 are dropping 1 relic per player per raid. That is another start. I know on Wiccana this is a huge help for our guild.