Monday, June 11, 2012

3.3.5 Patch and Progress

So its been a hot minute since I last posted but Ive been busy as hell. The new update seems to have gone through its cycle of patches to hotfix the hotfixes and for the most part, everything is running pretty smoothly. There are still a few issues with random game crashes but overall things have stabilized. What I'm getting at here is that every time there is a new major patch, folks just need to be patient till things get updated and fixed. It has happened every time and I got to laugh at all the forum whiners who scream bloody murder. So what did this huge patch bring us that is good?

The new Duel Spec, make sure to talk to Trainer
Well, first and foremost, the duel speccing system. This in itself has been long awaited for folks to really bring utility into their toons. I was jumping for joy when I saw this come out. I gotta say its been worth the game issues that the first week caused. anyways, to make sure you get your duel spec on, go see any of the trainers within any of the main cities. They give you a quick quest which is done right there and then you will have your primary and secondary specs at your disposal. Understand that there is a ten minute cool down each time you change between your specs so be advised to plan a little in advance the function you wish to serve as.

Of other interest, regular mode Khitai 6 mans now drop the rare trophies so it wont by quite as difficult to get your epic pieces from Khitai. Speaking of Khitai, you gotta go try The Breach instance on Unchained mode for 6 mans. The fights are a blast! A couple of quick hints: The first boss does 2 major attacks you need to be aware of: Slashing Hurricane (Melee AoE...when it starts move away fast as it hits like a brick!) and the Hyrkanian potency which gives him a fast heal. We used Finely Honed and Tainted Weapons to keep his heals and buffs down. they are fairly slow abilities so with a little practice you can get through them. The Second boss Is fairly easy INITIALLY. Hes got a couple of DoTs and Fears but nothing too outrageous. It's when he calls his minions that life becomes a total evil mess. The minions are actually full blown elite trash...not easy for a lil 6 man. How to avoid? Well, keep him fought in the center. There are 3 skulls in the center. Healers and DPS be ready to click on him when he makes his call for minions, it's like a 3sec cast so if you are fast enough, all three click the skulls then it will negate his spell and you continue to tank and spank. We haven't gotten much further than this so there is still a lot to learn but it's pretty damned cool!

Those are the quick highlights and I'm pretty happy with the over all patch this round. Still have a lot to figure out but I'm gettin there.

Nothin but Ghostwolves!
As for the Ghostwolves, a few highlights worth talking about:
T3 Library now up!
For two weeks now we have kept our T1 Raids completely in house, filled with our own crew, no pugging. W1 we are still muddling through and occasionally need a couple extra puggers but over all 90% of the raid is our people. This makes looting so much easier for us. Our two main tanks are now completely T1 geared and now working on healers and OT's. People are taking the time to go ahead and practice with our new lv 80s and things are looking pretty damned good. On average I see between 15-20 people on most nights with a peak of 30 and a low of 7. We hit renown lv 10 last night as well as put up our T3 Library. As a guild, the diversity and good natured-ness of the members has been really outstanding. I'm pretty proud of how things have been going. Our Senior members and returning veterans are making it happen every day. They are a great crew to be with.

Anyways, my small update in AoC. Till next time, may your belts be lined with Gold, and your Blades wet with blood!


  1. There is a very cheap trick you can use to defeat the second boss in the breach...

    Just pull the sucker in a corner as far away as possible from the fire in the middle. When he summons the adds they just keep standing in the middle looking stupid and don't interfere with the fight at all. Only if somebody gets feard near them will there be trouble. But you can interrupt the fear cast. A quick hit to the throat by a conq does the trick nicely.

    Congrats for your guild doing so well :)

    1. Whoa! Sweet on that! and my conq players need to read and heed!!! Thanks for the tip brother!

  2. Congrats on your progress through Hyboria, especially T1 and into T2. I have many good memories of my old (and first) guild clearing Vissy, Yak and Kylikki - good times. I have been to some of your early T1's (when you still pugged it) and T2 more recently - good fun.

    Also, good work on building up your guild city. I know from personal experience that its takes a heap of mats (and it only gets worse :D). Small tip: When your resource farmers eventually go mad - and they will! - go easy on them.

    On a side note, you mentioned gearing out your toons. One thing I would definately push is getting your guys to run as many 6mans as they can. The Khitai gear is sooooo much better than the T1 stuff. Heck, some of the Khitai blue drops nudge T2 gear. And for the DPS toons it almost can't be beat (T3 Guard gear still pwns tho). You should definately try for the Hard Modes where you can - the purple drops are silly good - but as I mentioned some of the blues are still quite amazing. Yag is also a good option - low risk, pretty nice rewards. You will come to hate running it - but its like a drug. The mastery and rewards are just too good to pass up.

    Anywho, congrats again. And its good to see positive talk about AoC, rather than the usual forum QQ :P.


    MashMash / Yangrin

  3. Thanks Mashmash, Appreciate the vote of confidence. The guys are still working their Khitai's as well as raids and such. Also thanks for the hot tips !