Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Guild finally reaching Khitai 6 mans together

Fat Bastard Down!
In the Ghostwolves, we tend to keep things pretty laid back, no pressure. Mostly a Social guild if you look at it. But last night was magic. Our lv 80's that were on finally came together and did our first 6 man in Khitai. It was on EZ mode, but as a first run it took us several tries to complete. What I enjoyed was the tenacity they each displayed in finally downing the Fat Bastard of Pagoda. Now I know some will know those jaded elitists that have been raiding since beta. But as a small guild we really worked some magic together. The best part was, we just kept calm when things got hectic and enjoyed learning the strat by ourselves rather than lift it from an established source. The communication was outstanding between each members. Healers were calling out their big heal cooldowns, tanks were aggro swapping on point, everyone got into the rhythm and above all, NO ONE QUIT! That's why it was such a fine evening. In the end, we dropped fat boy and made off with other projects. We discussed gearing issues and worked out where our crafters could help out the best. The time spent was so worth it and that's a reason why I love our guild. Everyone is plain friendly. It's understood from the get go, no drama allowed. Issues with each other get mediated by the leadership with an impartial attitude. We don't get angry at each other, we just talk it out and keep at it. So, thanks Ghostwolves, outstanding work!

A couple of tips that worked out for us if you happen to be new to the Khitai instances:

1. You have to have patience. No'll not make it.
2. Keep all world particles up, this is critical especially in this fight.
3. Tanks, watch eachother's health bars and aggro swap accordingly. This can also be the job of your Teamleader to call it out. Tanks should try to keep the fight in the front as much as possible.
4. Make sure your camera angle is pointed from above looking down, its easier to spot the cone Miasma's and avoid them. Team leader can also call this out to the team in vent by using the clock direction method based upon where the tanks are. Communication is essential here.


  1. Grats on downing Pagoda. Alot of people don't bother with it these days (no other 6mans close by, too hard, etc, etc), but I've always rather enjoyed it. I have recently nailed the HM a few times - it's a riot. You'll enjoy that later on. You didn't mention it, so not sure if your group picked up on it, but in the 2nd phase (fighting the red demon), his "Hunger" attack / cast is an aggro wipe, so dps should watch out for it and ease up or stop, to let the tanks grab him back again. You guys should try Warmonks next - Reliquery of Fire and Vortex of the Storm are really challenging for a new group. Coppice of the Heart is much tricker, and can get annoying - have to be on the ball. Good job anyway.

  2. Actually a couple days later we did hit Warmonks. Depends on the team I have running, but we were able to nail Fire and then Air Water. Both withing 3 attempts. My newer tanks are still mastering their rotations as well as my healers. Coppice just proved to be out nemesis at this point. But we are working it regularly. Thanks for dropping by and you are always welcome to comment!

  3. I've been on a few runs for the Jabba Pagoda mission, all I can say of it is...Pain-in-the-Arse. My standard operating in game is high-quality graphics with particles on, and I still have a real issue with the miasma attack.

    It seems that by the time I see the particles, I'm already in it full-stream and either dead or close to dead. Thanks a bunch on the advice to angle your view down; that makes sense I'll have to try it next time.

  4. Pagoda is now almost on farms tatus. I'm glad my input proved valuable here for you. I get alittle controlling so I like to do the Miasma callouts by direction. Its a little tough sometimes since I am a melee DPS but still pretty fun. My two main Tankers have learned how to build thier Aggro without completely going out of control which is pretty significant. We almost 5 manned PAgoda last weekend, popped the Demon and got him down to 50% without an off tank. This all means pretty soon my primary team is almost ready for Pagoda hardmode.
    As to Warmonks, My regular team takes Vortex of the Storm down with minimal issue. Fire is for the most part getting into a good rhythm though some of the tanks are still learning the art of keeping their alertness on high to pick up adds out of the initial phase. Coppice still is something we havent taken down yet.