Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Ghostwolves got thier Tier 3 Armorsmith

Tier 3 Armorsmith
 One thing you learn once you start building your Tier 3 City shops is PATIENCE. It takes a ton of effort to raise these shops and a lot of time. This took us a couple of weeks of farming from at least a few of our lv 80s to get all the materials. Its worth it in the end but boy is it a daunting task. One thing I found helpful was posting on our forums every couple of days the progress in materials to give our Guildees a goal to reach. This sort of motivated them to work harder towards the end state. The members present on the pic all gave a lot of time towards getting this done. I give shout outs to Rhotan, Hermodr, Longtime, Randomized, Sayo, Phuelle, Jaspeh, Shakyjake, Akantha, and a few others for their tenacious efforts. Our next goal is to get our Alchemist Tower upgraded.

Overall the guild has seemed to stabilize in numbers as a whole. I have noticed a lot of our free to players have not logged on and so I dropped them from the rosters. They helped some of course, but many have left for other games and after 30 days of no show I figure they have moved on unless they make special arrangements with me. Members online have slowed a little. On average I am seeing between 10 to 20 online with an average of about 16. We should hit Renown lv 5 by the end of next week. We average around 5.5 - 6 million renown per week. This has kept us at Rank 10 for the past 2 weeks which isn't bad for a small guild.

The game itself is still filled with a lot to do. We as a guild have decided to do regular recipe farming to pre raid gear our folks. It also allows us to get a feel for each other's working styles and that's always a good thing.

The game has been pretty stable of late since the last patch. I haven't noticed much in the way of crashes in raids or 6 mans. I haven't noticed much in the way of banding either. It happens every great now and then, but not enough to make an issue of the deal.

What I did notice is when we went into House of Crom and tried to deal with ghosts, they were all of a sudden elite. I'm not sure if this was intended with the last update but it left us as a group pretty surprised since before we were able to solo them with no issue. It may be that the game developers wanted them as elites in the first place but hadn't programmed them to be as such when HoC first came out.

The server continues to be pretty active as a whole with about 6 major guilds doing regular T2 - T3 raids. There is still the issue of regular folks being able to get into lower lv instances. Even when you have a guild, it seems pretty difficult to get into those instances that are pre end game. This is kinda sad as there is a lot you can learn about your class by simply hitting them at level. But too often I see people asking for run throughs in Global Channel. They never really learn their jobs, rotations or spec's. There is no easy answer to this though. I know while even our Senior members try to keep lower lv alts on hand, it is still difficult to get folks going into those instances at level.

I am hoping that more folks become premium players over time. IT would help a lot with getting enough players rolling in. FC seems to think they can get cross server grouping done sometime in the next quarter. Im not sure if this will happen or not. Guess we will have to see there.

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