Sunday, February 12, 2012

Toxic Attitudes on the AoC Forums

Believe it or not, there are several posts I really enjoy in the AoC forums. There are still viable posts concerning strats class specc'ing and rotations to maximize the skill of players. What annoys the hell out of me though is the attitudes of negativity on the forums. Now I do realize that its usually the same people and that many of them don't play much if any at all these days. I got it, but man it's hard to maintain a good attitude when you are constantly being bombarded by people who will post their hatred on the forums. Now I do understand some legitimate arguments. Things that still need fixing but overall the game is still fun. What I don't understand is the constant crap attitudes. Is this simply the existence of their whole lives? To dis a game they don't play anymore? It isn't going to change. There were some epic mistakes by the developers. I got it. So, why don't those who don't like the game move on? What drives them to continuously post anger that won't be resolved?

I enjoy the game for what it offers, a stunning setting that works pretty decent. No, it doesn't cater to PvP'ers. Like as not, pvp communities are pretty fickle when we look at business models. Now I do agree FC totally fucked up the Sieging system which was one of their original points of sale. They have yet to really fix this in a solid way. Yes, some of the encounters in PvE Raiding have been dumbed down and the raid mechanic borked. There are some issues. I won't deny that. Legitimate issues do need addressing. But the game is still enjoyable.

Here is something that annoys me, the bitter trolling that goes on. The forums were created for discussion, not trolling. It's hard to sift through the trash and keep working towards common goals. The MMO community in general is a pretty fickle bunch. Once things are conquered people move on to the next greatest and latest.

Ok, this was my rant for a Sunday. My only hope is that those players still enjoying the game overlook the selfish drama loaded attitudes. Hey, I'm going back to work some faction, farming and working on our guild city lol. Maybe the team and I will do a few runs on Pagoda and Warmonks. These are enjoyable for small guilds like us. We got most of the strats down and we learned them for the most part on our own. I got good friends in our guild, I'm happy to see them logged on. Here is to enjoying a game that still has a lot to offer.  See ya all in Hyboria!


  1. Totally agree. The same old people (who as you say, don't actually play anymore) go on and on about the "good old days". Spare me! Sure there are many aspects that could be improved, but the game is what it is. My own guild, Mist Wolves, has seen ups and downs, but things seem to be going OK. I am quite interested to see what they do with the upcoming tradeskill revamp. Sil mentioned it was to be substantial, and not just a bandaid, so I'm expecting some interesting things.

  2. The biggest issue I have with the boards are the constant The End Is Nigh! threads. Some of these posts I jumped in on, some of these people you just feel you want to hit in the mouth for what they post.

    Anyone with a brain should figure out the futility of logging into a forum for a game you no longer play and complaining you no longer play it because people are quitting it. Seriously? Are you kidding me?

    My other big peeve is anytime someone suggests something in the game should be changed or tweaked, the You Just Want That Changed Because You Suck At PvP crowd pipes up, and I swear some of these kids are dense as stone. Funcom should be banning them on principle.

  3. @White Wolf~

    First and foremost, thanks for dropping by the blog and commenting. I would love to do a Guild interview of the Mist Wolves. I've seen nothing but top notch folks from you all.


    Agreed there. Occasionally I'll sift through the mass of crap and find a golden nugget. I do wish that non players would be discontinued, but they bought like lifetime sub's and so can continue to rant as they wish. I'm just not fond of the toxic garbage lol. Thanks for droppin by!!!

  4. I completely agree with all the above and the posting. Some people apparently cannot live their lives unless they are ranting and raving. And they never have anything positive to say at all.

    I love the game bugs and all, and it has improved 1000% since launch. Good ole days? You mean when you fell through the world constantly, lag spikes worse then anything now....the list goes on? Naw...even customer service is a million times better then it was.

    I'm looking forward to the changes and will keep on playing.