Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Ghostwolves got thier Tier 3 Keep

Some of our members at the Tier 3 Keep Build
Sorry for not writing in a hot minute. Real Life work and running the Guild has been keeping me pretty damned busy. First and foremost, we raised up our Tier 3 Keep over the weekend. This was a huge accomplishment for the Guild and I was pretty happy with it's successful completion. Last night we also hit renown Lv 4 which again was a great step forward. Our Core membership is still small but a dedicated lot they are. We have plenty of those members that just drop in, play away and never say a word. They still help in the renown business so I'm not too hurt. We also made the top 20 list this week at number 14 for renown gains. This guild was originally built as something my wife and I just wanted to do together. We never thought it would grow or progress to this level. So to the members of our guild, my deepest thanks!

On a different note, I have found a new favorite class to play. The mighty Bear Shaman. I have in the past tried to play the class with little success. But I see they really shine when they hit around lv 30. This was evident when I was able to solo Torgvhal while still being in lv range. It was a long fight with button mashing everywhere, but I was able to take him down with no help. So, yes the Bear Shaman has become my new favorite alt class to play! Below is Czcibor, my Bear Shammy.
Czcibor after cutting down Torgvhal.
It take a bit of getting used to with a ton of things running at once, but wow the bear shammy is both fun and challenging. It is rough in the beginning to be sure, they really don't start kickin butt till well into thier 20s-30s but man can they drop the Hammer so to speak. For the player that enjoys a challenge and doesn't mind having to micro manage his toon while throwing out nice heals as well as serious dps, this is hands down a serious winner!

Final thoughts today, the game continues to run smoothly for my toons. We have noted however that some of our guildees are still experiencing multiple crashes, especially those not in the US. We have no solid reason why but we hope to find some solutions to it soon.


  1. Where did you get the idea for BS's name: Czcibor?

  2. @Slith
    I was searching around for some cool names and found it from some polish names. Meaning I think was Battle Cry or Battle Victory. anyways it sounded good and I kept it. From what I have gathered there are also russian and other Eastern European countries that use the name as well.

  3. Hey,

    I have asked because I am Polish. Czcibor might have been a historical figure. The name means "Czci" (to worship) "bor" ("bór" forest) so it translates to "the one that worships the woods". A fitting name for a bear shaman for sure.

    1. Now thats even more interesting. I found the name on 1000 names .com. Thier translation was a bit different. But yours is even more fitting! It's interesting finding real names and thier meanings. Thanks Slith!