Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tier 3 Weaponsmith and The Ghostwolf Pup from Kylikki

Our Tier 3 Weaponsmith Completed!
Well it's been a hot minute since I last posted. But the guild has been hard at work. First and foremost we were able to put up out T3 Weapon smith. This was largely due in part from one of our fine members Lonelyhatred. He donated over 10000 basalt and a ton of dusk metal and oak within a week or two of our last upgrade. Outstanding work from him! So I christened the weapon smith as The Lonely Weapon Smith in his honor. We got a good screenshot of it with senior members after our weekly T1 raid in Kylikki and Yakhmar.

The Ghost Wolf Pet (Our new Mascot)
Speaking of which, after a very hard-fought battle in Kylikki's Crypt, Kylikki drop the Ghost wolf Pet, so now we have a little mascot that I carry about. The pet is strictly vanity but its also damned near impossible to drop so I was pretty stoked about it. When it first dropped I mistakenly forgot to reset the raid loot table to mundane so it was sort of by accident that I got it. I feel bad that no one got to roll on it..seriously I do! But at the same time it was sort of fitting that we received it in the end.

To that end as always I thank our raiding allies The Walking Dead who help us tremendously in making sure we can run a solid raid or two. They have always been good folk and are starting pretty quick here to get into T3 Raiding themselves. Good folk to have around.

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