Saturday, July 28, 2012

What the Hell, Why dont he write???

Hi all, it's been a hot minute since I last posted. Honestly, I've been too busy both in and out of game. The guild has still been looking for a few more members for our raid force and we contiune to work on out T2 raids. We have downed Ahazu once, as well as Innci/Succi. We are currently working on getting Ahazu down to farm status. New level 80s are joining into the ranks of our raid force, though a few have moved on which is expected. We are working on our last two T3 buildings and then finally the walls, towers and gates. We did get the T3 Temple up not too long ago and are working through the long haul of the Trade of the most time consuming end material intensive buildings out there. We have kept in the top three server renown guilds for almost 6 weeks straight now with a focus on Valor (well one week we goofed off and the crafters saved the day lol). But over all we have a lot of hard working folk that continue to progress in a steady fashion with over all a friendly attitude.

Anyways, I find myself working hard in game to keep our guild going and moving forward as well as juggling my real life responsibilities. This of course has affected my blogging lol, so my apologies there. But I continue to strive to build a guild that sticks together and works hard together for the love of the game.

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