Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ghostwolves host thier first T1 Raid

War on Kylikki as we stand with Allies
I'm pretty damned proud of our crew today. We had a nice showing of Ten Guild members ready to fight and fight we did. We hosted our first ever T1 raid and kicked it off with Kylikki. Before I go further, I'd like to extend thanks to The Walking Dead who helped fill out our ranks and provided insight into the Raid as well as patience. Hats off to your support guys! We picked up a few others as well, Snickerrs and one of the Rogue Angels to name a few.

After a couple of initial hiccups in pulls and such, everyone pulled together and worked their butts off to achieve victory without even one wipe. It took careful pulls and cross talking but everyone really put on a good showing. For this I am extremely proud of our guild. They fought hard and they fought well...and they won! In this particular run no less than 3 Jeweled boxes dropped from Trash mobs and then of course the bosses themselves. A very profitable run indeed.

We next attempted to put together a run on Yakhmar but unfortunately we could not down her today. Still, everyone put out their best effort and worked well with one another. In the end, a very successful day for the guild and fun was had by all.

I learned a lot about being a Raid Leader today. It's no easy task coordinating events such as this and once in keeping positive control on the Raid team is a challenge the first couple times around. But I gained a lot of insight and techniques for future runs so that made me pretty happy. Anyways it looks like the guild wants to do this on a weekly basis so here is to a very busy future as we progress.

Good work Ghostwolves, keep up the Fire!

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