Sunday, March 11, 2012

Guild Spotlight: Shadow Company

Hello all! This week I'd like to do a Guild Spotlight with the fine Folks of Shadow Company. So I got to get the chance to sit with one of their Leaders, Kiuss. Their Guild Leadership  Garethden & Sino shared thoughts along with Kiuss for us to read. This group has been around for quite some time and has guilds on numerous other MMO Platforms. What I can tell you is that working with them was a complete pleasure to experience. They welcome folks of all levels and experiences. They take the time to explain anything you might have questions. Best of all, they are just fun people!  So, without further a due, SHADOW COMPANY!

Shadow Company, Mercenaries for Hire
Give us an overview of your guild, what server your guild is on, how long has it been  established,  Guild  goals, accomplishments and recruitment policies?

Shadow Company runs on Wiccana server and has been with AOC since the beginning. The guild was actually established long before, in 2004, by Commander Bugbig back in Everquest II after existing in Neverwinter Nights as an idea. SC is all about respect, loyalty, and striving for excellence in whatever it may be we're up to – we are moderate in all aspects of the games we play, while maintaining our guild culture of military/mercenary themes. We're cross MMO, which means we run multiple gaming divisions at once, right now we're in AOC, Lord of the Rings Online (our longest running troop) and recently started up Star Wars the Old Republic. We currently employ just shy of 2000 registered members and are always looking for good people to join our community.

Do you feel the game has progressed technically throughout its lifespan?

Most definitely – to this day AOC is still the most graphically sophisticated MMO on the market and it runs tons better now than it did day one. There are bugs here and there like with any game, but it would be unrealistic to expect otherwise. Funcom gets a lot of flack, but they've done a lot of good with AOC.

What makes your guild stand out among the rest on your server?

SC is professional but fun. We have a clear code of conduct so that people know what to expect and always know where we're going. We provide where we can and devote a lot of time to our people and expect good things in return. Some people get a little freaked out by our rules – addressing officers, roll call, etc – but in truth we're just a bunch of like-minded people who all want to have fun – none of our members are here (or there) to give anyone a hard time. For example, if someone can't get in vent for a raid, we'll find a way around it. If for some reason someone has a problem with one of our members, we'll take a look at it and act accordingly. We're part of a persistent community in MMOs and SC is interested in keeping things cool for everyone wherever we're active.

The Company Formation
What things about your guild you are most proud of?

The people and what we've all accomplished together. Khitai has been smashed to bits, Thoth Amon's shaking in his boots every week. The guild bank is full to the brim with profit and our members are never lacking in gear – their guildmates make sure of it. Without the people, “Shadow Company” is just a name.

How do you keep guild members motivated and keep new blood coming in?

We host events every week and commit to our members. Recruitment is always open – you never know when a great person is going to stumble in, and everyone (with a decent personality) is allowed a chance. Some of our members are looking at RL retirement, some are just getting into post secondary – you can be a cat for all we care, so long as you can make a positive contribution to our community. We recruit everywhere, it's practically a full time job. In many cases, our reputation speaks for itself.

What would you like to see in future patches and expansions?

Just continued support and commitment. Specifically, the crafting revamp looks very exciting.

Where do you see the future of AoC?

People are always saying AOC is going to die when X game comes out. It hasn't happened yet – if anything, the game can take a punch. I can't say where it's going to end up, but I'd say it's got a few years of goodness left in it, and Shadow Company will be here in the meantime.


  1. LOVE the sepia on parchment tone on the first image for this post. One of the best pics posted on this blog.

  2. ~ Kiri, I agree, Kiuss and her friends at Shadow Company produced the Sepia toned screen. It was an extraordinary touch. Ill be doing more guild spotlights soon.