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PoM Revamp

Seems like there are a ton of PoM changes coming out in the near future. After reading the Test live forums, I get the clear impression that it will make PoMs a little more desirable to play as a lot of the cool downs have been reduced and the game play has eased up a little. The intent appears to be allowing the spells from PoMs more useful in multiple situations, not just a couple here and there. My wife isn't too excited as she feels she will need to relearn the class completely. I'm not so sure about this being true. There will be a few things to get the rotations down right, but I doubt it will be too ungodly.
Below is the Test Live Forum posts fro those not following. Read it carefully and compare what you currently are running and what it will effect. It will be a little different for play style, but I liked the decreased cool down times and it may make me decide to try a PoM when the revamp comes out. Some of the long time PoM players are considering dusting off their PoMs to test run it and compare results. I invite you players to make your own decisions only after you have tried it out, then give the proper feedback over it.

Below was posted by Loke on the TL Forums. Since  there was a lot of QQ without actually testing it, I thought I would post here to get PoM players to look at it and see where they stand in comparison.

**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**

The Priest of Mitra feat trees have primarily been improved and streamlined, the play style of the Priest of Mitra will not change dramatically with these changes. Several core spells have been tweaked or redesigned to make them more useful and less situational, some made more user-friendly, all changes done with the main goal of improving the gameplay experience of the Priest of Mitra. Players should now be able to get a clear understanding of what each of the feat trees grant them, and make an informed choice on which of the two endfeat-lines they wish to invest in.

Divinity is a good choice for a priest who wants to focus on becoming the primary healer. The Divinity feat tree will expand the priest's divine knowledge with new prayers and heal empowering feats like Lance of Mitra, Divine Lance, Blessing of Mitra, Divine Halo, Divine Salvation and Holy Cleansing. A Divinity priest will also become a strong damage dealer, though primarily against single targets. He can empower his core damage spells to improve heals and investing divine power into channelling holy damage on his target through the use of the Condemnation spell. The Divinity priest is also a strong crowd controller with increased damage and range for Repulse and extra immunity and utilities like Exorcism, Spiritual Warding and Avatar of Mitra. Focus of the Divinity tree will improve the healing capacity of the priest, shield companions and protect the group through additional crowd control utilities.

Vengeance is the clear choice for any priest that wants face the challenges of taking down several enemies on the battlefield at the same time. The Vengeance priest boosts his AoE damage through healing. By investing points into feats like Cleansing Fire, Sacred Fire and Mitra’s Searing Eye, the priest is granted a new vengeful damage bonus through the Sacred Smite. The priest's healing prayers can also be infused to become powerful area damage spells by investing into Purification of Mitra. Additional points invested into the Immortal Wrath feat line specializes the Priest further into the field of area damage. The main focus of the Vengeance tree is not only area damage, however. Vengeance priests also supports and empowers their team with unique team buffs like Glowing Radiance, The Light Within, Guardian Spirit, Vengeful Devotion and Manifestation of Mitra.

General Priest of Mitra Changes

* Reduced cast time and tweaked damage of Smite. The cast time is now 2 seconds, the DPS of this spell will be the same.
* Rebuke will now add a minor spiritual wrack to target and nearby targets. If the target is already rebuked once, the penalty is doubled. Also increased the mana cost of Rebuke slightly.
* Armor of Faith has been turned into a stance like spell, it now only decreases the Unholy Invulnerability by 15%, the magic damage reduction and the mana over time penalty has been removed.
* Devotional Prayer has been redesigned to increase the Hit rating of all team members.
* Reduced the mana cost of Avert Thine Eyes and Repudiate.
* Reduced the cast time of Eye of Judgment to 1 second and increased recast time to 45 seconds.
* Reduced the cast time of Soul of Mitra to 3 seconds (down from 4).
* Spellweaving will now also grant bonuses to Mitra's Searing Eye and Sacred Fire.
* Changed the gain level of some spells to improve the gameplay experience of low level priests.
* Tweaked raid tier 1-3 armor for the Priest of Mitra (More crit stats, slightly less hate decrease rating)
* Mitra's Searing Eye and Condemnation will no longer inflict extra damage on Demons and Undead.
* There should now be less stutter when healing large groups of players with Wave of Life when having Spiritual Feedback and/or Ether Discharge trained.

Divinity Tree

* New level 10 Divinity feat 'Spiritual Vigor'. Converts part of the damage inflicted by the priest into healing.

* Lance of Mitra is now a level 15 feat. The cast time of the spell has been reduced to 2 seconds, while the recast time has been slightly increased.
* Divine Blessing is now a level 20 feat. The additional mana cost from this feat has been slightly reduced.
* The Sacred Lance feat has been removed. With the removal of this feat the base AoE radius of Divine Blessing has been slightly increased.
* New Divinity feat 'Divine Intervention' improves the Avert Thine Eyes spell by increasing the target's chance to miss physical attacks.
* Light of Mitra is now a 1-point feat and has a new linked 2-point feat upgrade 'Improved Rejuvenation' which improves the Light of Mitra prayer by increasing the duration of the Rejuvenating Light effect.
* New 2-point feat linked to Light of Mitra ‘Blistering Radiance’ augments the Light of Mitra Prayer by infusing the Radiance prayer to inflict Blistering Wounds on enemies within the are of effect. Blistering Wounds reduces the power of incoming heals for a short time.
* Blessing of Mitra has been redesigned; it is no longer a channelling spell, but a 1 second spell that grants a friendly target 20% damage deflection for 10 seconds.
* Vengeful Blessing will now grant the friendly target and the priest a damage boost for the duration of the Blessing of Mitra spell.
* Redesigned and moved the the Divinity feat Blessed Armor of Faith out of the Holy Cleansing featline, it will now increase the armor value of Armor of Faith by 10% per rank.
* Exorcism has been changed back to a instant cast spell that removes fear and silence effects from the priests group. The spell will no longer remove these effects from the priest, although the priest will still be immune to these effects when the spell is running. (Investing further feat points in Spiritual Warding gives the Priest a strong defense against being affected by Silence or Fear)
* Clarified the feat description for Divine Halo
* New feat in the Holy Cleansing featline: ‘Divine Salvation’ increases the magnitude and chance of critically healing healing and rejuvenating their companions. (Increases Critical chance and Critical Damage Bonus of Divine Halo, Divine Lance and Rejuvenating Light)
* Holy Cleansing has been redesigned, it will now reduce all incoming poison damage by 80% and grant the priest's team a high resistance to all types of magic. The reuse time of the spell has been reduced to 2 minutes and the Condemnation damage upgrade has been replaced with a passive 50% heal increase on Divine Halo. Holy Cleansing will still inflict holy damage on nearby enemies, in addition to granting the priest the Holy Storm effect and resetting the cooldown of Condemnation.
* New feat in the Avatar of Mitra featline ‘Holy Conviction’ increases the damage done by Condemnation.
* Avatar of Mitra will now also passively increase the range of Condemnation by 5 m.
The particle effect for Avatar of Mitra has been tweaked to better display the area of effect.
Having Avatar of Mitra feated now also passively grants the Priest the Holy Storm effect when Holy Accession triggers (no longer requires both end feats in Divinity).

Vengeance Tree

* Increased the duration of stack (4) and (5) of Holy Vengeance slightly.
* Replaced the Vengeance feat Improved Rebuke with the new 3-point feat: ‘Prolific Strikes’ improves the Rebuke and Smite spells by increasing the damage of the splash effect on enemies nearby the primary target.
* Replaced the Vengeance feat Admonishment with the new 2-point feat 'Crucify' increases the critical chance and critical damage multiplier of the Smite spell.
* Increased the damage increase percentage of additional Cleansing Fire feats.
* The Sacred Fire effect from Cleansing Fire will now tick every 2 seconds (previously every second), the additional feat points in Sacred Fire will now also increase the duration by 2 seconds per rank.
* The Vengeance feat Inspiring Light will now also reduce the mana cost of Cleansing Fire and Mitra's Searing Eye (but no longer Lance of Mitra) after casting the Radiance spell.
* New Vengeance feat 'Eye of Penance' augments Mitra's Searing Eye by causing victims to lose mana and stamina over time.
* The former Sacred Guardian mechanic has been tweaked and turned into a new level 30 Vengeance feat 'Sacred Smite'.
* Spell - Purification of Mitra is now a 1 point feat granting the same total effect as the former 2 point feat. The mana penalty attached to this spell has also been removed.
* Redesigned the Vengeance feat Mitra's Will to extend the duration of the Purifying Light damage effect. Feat renamed to Improved Purification.
* The Searing Light feat is now linked to Purification of Mitra and also requires Purification of Mitra to be active in order to trigger the instant damage effect when casting Radiance. This enables the priest to control whether he wants to inflict damage with Radiance or not.
* Revivication will now also trigger from magical attacks, and can in addition be refreshed every 10 seconds.
* The Light Within will now also improve Revivication by inflicting Purifying Light in enemies around the priest if Purification of Mitra is active, or add stamina and mana regeneration increase for the priest and their companions if Light of Mitra is active.
* Redesigned and moved the Relentless Faith feat to a standalone 2-point level 40 feat. It now increases the duration of Condemn, Eye of Judgment and Repudiate spells by 0.5 seconds per featpoint.
* New 5-point Vengeance feat 'Revelation', this feat lowers the mana cost of Avert Thine Eyes, Condemn, Eye of Judgment, Repudiate, Repulse and Soul of Mitra.
* Empowered Hand of Mitra will now decrease the casting time of Hand of Mitra in addition to reducing the damage penalty of Hand of Mitra.
* Moved the feat Undying Belief up to level 50, increased the reuse time reduction and removed the mana shield.
* The Guardian Spirit spell will now grant a Mana and Stamina renew effect, instead of heal, if the damage effect is not triggered by the end of the spell duration.
* Replaced the Vengeance feat Guardian Vengeance with the new feat 'Vengeful Devotion' increases the hit rating bonus bestowed by Devotional Prayer.
* New feat in the Immortal Wrath featline ‘Ruthless Glare’ increases the damage of Mitra's Searing Eye.
* New feat in the Immortal Wrath featline ‘Unyielding Wrath’ increases the critical chance of several area damage spells.
* Immortal Wrath now increases the range of Mitra's Searing Eye by 5 meters.
* Manifestation of Mitra has been redesigned to a pulsing self-centered spell that grants health tap and boosted critical chance for all allies close to the priest.


* Increased the snare reduction of Blessed Soul to a total of 75%. Additional points invested in this perk will now also reduce the mana amount removed after casting Soul of Mitra.
* Light the Path proc buff duration has been increased to 35 seconds to better fit the Repulse recast time.
* Added 4 additional kill bonus stacks to Wandering Disciple, now granting bonuses up to a max of 70% Weapon Damage and 40% Base Spell Damage. Also reduced the cast time of Wandering Disciple to 0.5 seconds.


General Tree

* Redesigned the ‘Ether Discharge’ mechanic to increase the priest’s mana over time. The effect is increased for additional targets healed. This new design should also cause less stutter when healing large groups of players.
* 'Grace' is now a 5-point feat lowering hate reduction by 1% per point invested.
* 'Presence of Mind' is now a 3-point feat lowering the cast time by 33% per point invested.
* Vengeance of the Gods: Cast time reduced to 0.5 sec (Down from 1.5).

Further priest changes for Tempest of Set and Bear Shaman will follow in future patches.

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