Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guild Spotlight: The Knights of Ironspine

A while ago, there was this fine group of folks who came out of the original servers during launch. They called themselves the Knights of Ironspine, or KOI for short. I got the opportunity to raid with them one evening and found them to be likable, easy going and fun to work with. They seemed to often share the same goals as my own guild, The Ghostwolves, Drama free and fun loving. Without further ado, I present The Knights of Ironspine!

At Toth Amon!

First a little about yourself:

Give us a little background about how long you have been playing AoC, what is your favorite character class and what spurs you to continue playing AoC?

I started playing AoC shortly after launch, and have been playing ever since. I have 19 level 80 characters, and have played every class to 80 at least once, so I can't really say I have a favorite, but it would be a toss up between Necromancer and Tempest of Set if I were forced to choose. My "main" character is Greylaina, level 80 Necro and my primary armorsmith and weaponsmith. I love the story line of AoC, having been a Conan fan since reading the books and graphic novels as a young child. AoC also has, in my opinion, the best melee combat system of any MMO out there, and even 4 years after release still has some of the best graphics. These are the things that keep me coming back.
What aspects of the game are your favorite?

Raiding, in all the tiers, is my favorite aspect of the game. I love the challenging encounters and the need to work together, as well as the joy folks get out of obtaining epic loot to upgrade their characters!
Do you feel the game has progressed technically throughout it's lifespan?

Yes, I do. Frankly, this game was awful at release, but has steadily improved and grown, with the occasional step backwards here and there along the way. The content that has been added along the way has also been excellent. House of Crom is the best addition so far, with good challenges and rewards, and beautifully rendered scenery, thoughtful quests and great overall implementation. 
Give us an overview of your guild, what server your guild is on, how long has it been  established,  Guild  goals, accomplishments and recruitment policies?

Knights of Ironspine started at launch on the Ironspine server, and moved to the Wiccana server about 3 and a half years ago. We have an open recruitment policy. We raid frequently in the 3 main tiers available to us at this time, as well as running 6 man instances and the occasional siege. We are a friendly and helpful bunch, consisting of a large core of veteran players, and some new and returning players. Our current roster has about 50 active players and hundreds of characters.
Our guild city, in the scenic Laicesh Plains, is tier 3, with a tier 3 battle keep as well. Recently, we achieved level 20 renown as a guild. Our focus is primarily on PVE content, though we have players who pvp frequently, and players who like the role play and social aspects of the game as well.

What makes your guild stand out among the rest on your server?

Our frequent raids and our friendly and helpful attitude are what most people comment on. We really like to keep in mind that this is a game, not a second job for our players, nor a therapy session to air our personal issues. We like to keep things "low drama" as much as possible.
What things about your guild you are most proud of?

I don't think there's anything about KOI that I am not proud of!
How do you keep guild members motivated and keep new blood coming in?

Active raiding and recruiting. Keep exploring the new content, but don't let the old stuff fall by the way-side

What would you like to see in future patches and expansions?

I'd like to see player housing, contextual chat filters, settable pvp flags for open world play (on PVE servers), larger tradeskill inventories, and my hope is that with the coming crafting revamp they don't disenfranchise those of us who have spent a lot of time, gold and effort collecting the current recipes!

Where do you see the future of AoC?

I don't see the game going away anytime soon if that's what you mean. I think that it is a good sound MMO with a decent community, and still has fantastic graphics and game play among all the competition even 4 years out. As long as FC doesn't do anything to further alienate their player base, AoC is here to stay. Like many players, I love the game but am not as fond of the development and management of the game. All companies make mistakes here and there... but FC seems to have a penchant for spectacular ones. FC also has consistently failed to market this game properly. AoC could be so much bigger in the US market if FC would actually put some thought and effort into promotion.
Till next time, have a good run out there in Hyboria! Remember, we continually promote other guilds in the interest of finding good folks to play the game with. By all means, if you find any of the guilds in this blog and decide to join them, let them know where you found it!

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