Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Free Shit February now at an end

Over the last month players whether FTP or premium have been able to access a free chest of goodies each week for each of their toons. It is now at an end. Is free shit good? To a degree yes it is as a matter of fact. Nothing was game changing per se, though having a free AA slot for my lowbie toons was just sweet. The extra bonus was nice without destroying game play. The extra pots were nice for when we were running a few high lv instance just for kicks. I enjoyed this particular free edge. But wait folks, I do wish some things had been taken into consideration.

See in my last post I talked about the looming changes to the crafting system in AoC and how it has resulted in a few nerd rage quits as well as some of it's potential. Something I hope FC takes into consideration is why not have alchemists get the ability to craft some of these bad ass potions that I saw given away for free? I mean since we are talking about a revamp why not make some of these things for different crafters totally epic in nature balanced by the materials required? Look, most of our alchemists right now really cant even compare at end game in a serious meaningful least not one that is conducive to continue to grind away at pots that are pretty harsh To find and craft and reproduce for a guild. Its an idea though I'm not sure it'll ever see serious scrutiny form FC.

In the meantime, I hope there are other months up and coming where some of this free shit continues to be put out. They are small tokens that have an extra effect for those casual players as well as hardcore.  But this brings me to another side topic concerning free shit and Free to Play players.

 I got a small bone to pick and I figure if the shoe fits, wear it. If not throw it at the stinky bastard that needs to wear it. Premium players deserve all the options available as they pay to play. I think a lot of Free to play players take this for granted. They don't realize you get what you pay for. I really hate beggars too. I'm all about helping people out. But I hate whiners who sit there and bitch about not having enough bag space or gold capacity as a Free to Play. Cough up a measly 15 bucks a month and get over it. They already get a damned mount at 80...what do they expect? Now this ain't every FTP person I have seen. But I do see a lot of them sit there, beg for gear without putting an ounce of effort into their toons or the game. Just gimme gimme gimme. And maybe there would be a ghost town of only a few premium members if the FTP community left.....ok and? The game lives or dies.

But seriously, to the FTP community, some of them have become very good friends of mine but honestly cant afford to go premium due to hardship such as school, kids etc, I gotcha. To those who are just being stingy, get over yourself, you are easily replaced. I also hate it when one of my guild crafters goes out of the way to create a nice blue crafted rare for a FTP thinking it would help them, only to see it sold for a few coin. You know, generosity only goes so far. Hyboria don't owe anybody a damned thing but a place to live or die...that's it. The entitlement attitude that has really sapped the world today of any sort of real motivation needs to stop in the pixelated world of Hyboria. We aren't the damned Salvation Army. Free run throughs without giving back anything to your guild and free shit without even so much as a thanks man...ya BULLSHIT!

Am I too cruel for you? MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!


  1. I know the crafting revamp sucks for those who spent all that time farming recipies, but crafting in its current state is pretty worthless. For the longevity of the game, I think the complete overhaul is the right choice. How well they implement it... will have to wait and see.

  2. awww mate, that is one, agry post.

    1. heh heh heh, more just to rant a little. I still love this game and am looking forward to the upcoming crafting revamp. I just wish people were a lil more decent in their attitudes :)