Monday, March 5, 2012

Bank Space...FOR SALE..WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!

Something I missed recently with the up and coming patch was that bank space would now be able to be purchased through the in game store. Now, I understand FC is trying to make another selling point for FTP folks to actually by stuff which would theoretically gain revenue for FC. It seems sound, but I can't say I agree with making veterans pay for bank space storage as well. The thing is...when I look to see how many FTP folks actually generate lasting runs with the game, I see it somewhat lacking. This isn't a money making scheme here that will be successful. As a matter of fact I think it is counterproductive. Let's face it, very few FTP folks actually buy shit from the In game store. After a bit, the novelty wore off from me as well being a premium player. Ya they got an extra 20 bucks off me...then the shinies weren't shiny and I kept with my sub only. The percentage of FTP actually purchasing a lot of items from the In Game Store really isn't all that much revenue. Now, I don't mind that FC offers it for sale. BUT....I think they should automatically add 10 spaces to every toon of every veteran player that currently subs. Easier system really would be to offer the bank spaces just like bags from vendors for gold. The price needs to be fair...say 5 gold per 5 slot increments.

In the end it doesn't break the game for me. Ya I'd like some more bank space, especially for the guild bank. Sure FC offers it...for a price. But they get enough of my pocket book already so I'm not going to buy it. Now FC has a problem because I am willing to bet that most premium folks are pretty pissed about this. No one wants to pay additional funds when they are already loyal subscribers. Sure, offer it for sale to the FTP community....just give something back to the loyal customers who already pay cash. I won't be getting too bent out of shape for this. It again comes down to personal choice. No one is being forced to buy the space and the intent is to reap more revenue from the FTP community. But this is also a case where the marketing team in FC have not thought through the second and third echelon effects of their choices. The premium subscribers need a little more incentive to keep paying premium dollar amounts on a sustained basis.

What would be nice is making all resources stack to 1000 instead of 100. Or making the Resource bag just as large as whatever the storage bag is instead of capping at 45. I dump a lot of crap that could be selling for profit because I have no place to put it. By capping the stacks at 1000, we have cut down the needed space to carry stuff and stopped the need for storage mules. Anyways, these are my thoughts for the day. Please discuss or drop an opinion as you will. Enjoy Hyboria for what it can and remember always, it is a game not a life. Take care one and all till next time.


  1. Meh just wish funcom would throw the bone to us vets

  2. I agree, I certainly won't spend anymore money in the store.

    It's hard enough to get the f2p folks to purchase access passes so they can do the instances, what makes Funcom think they will pay for bank space.

    This ingame store needs to be completely rethought out. Take gear and pots out, make them drops ingame or craftable items.

    This one upsets me.

  3. Heads up, just heard from some folks that the bank expansion does not work with 3rd party UI's. You'll have to disable it or hope for yet another update to your custom UI