Monday, November 28, 2011

AoC Patch 3.1 update

Well, sort of. See the patch is updating as we speak and the servers are down for the next 12 hours. Most times it isn't 12 hours but this one supposedly has a lot of performance based issues addressed. Normally the EU servers are updated first and while they are updating we get the patch notes to look over in the US. This time, the US servers are getting the patch first. Tarib states it's due to needing technicians on hand at certain times to make sure servers and hardware connect correctly. Still, I would have figured they would have at least given a little teaser on what to expect from 3.1. I did a little digging and found  this post from MY MMO Site that gave a little hint of what 3.1 is about. Content doesn't seem to be the issue as far as we can tell at this time. Mostly seems to address performance for better frame rates. While there isn't much that is interesting per se, it is good that FunCom is addressing the playability and stability of their servers. Well, I am eagerly waiting to see what the final outcome is.

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