Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 6 ~ Traveling

First and foremost, I can never get enough of the scenery in Age of Conan. It is by far one of the best qualities of the game. Take for instance the Lacheish Plains. This is one of the instances where player cities can be found as well as a place to farm materials such as metals, wood and cotton. It can be pretty dangerous for lower levels such as me as there are some pretty hefty beasts out there if I step in the wrong direction. The plains themselves are rough highland country surrounded by mountains. Brandoc Village which sits close to the center is a place for training professions.


Here are a couple of examples of the Lacheish Plains. Forests are common as well as open areas. This was on the way to Brandoc Village.

Time goes by and heroes develop in different ways. Khadoc my Barbarian, with whom I am enjoying leveling as a melee class picked up a nice looking bow while in the Sanctum of Burning Souls. Granted, bows really are not a barbarian's tools, but I figure it is an additional tool, heh if nothing else for hunting.

Bow at the ready....arrows?
Anyways a short jaunt about, oh yes he picked up a nice chest piece during his foray into Sanctum as well! Anyways, just some experiences shared. 

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