Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 5 ~ The Forums

To be honest, the official AoC Forums haven't changed much. There are a few writers there that are worth listening too. I look personally for 2 things these days, technical advice/speccing choices and the PvE forums for my server. These are the least toxic. However, I do see a lot of the same old forum trolls that enjoy being rotten to the core. There is solid advice out there but you will have to sift through a lot of garbage to get them. I do enjoy some of the writer's RP orientated stories. Many of them are well thought out and have that Hyborian flavor. Some are long, others short but still enjoyable to read. For technical advice you will see some very argumentative threads, I advise the reader to take the time to read some of the suggestions first and try them. I know I have found even some of the ancient ones on interface and graphics settings useful in maximizing my gameplay. Avoid getting into arguments though, people can be extremely narrow minded. Also, there are several forum trolls that even though they no longer play love to interject their ever so important anguish on the forums.

As advise, avoid posting lamentations of treatment in the game, it incites a lot of the trolls to come out and flame the hell out of you. If you have an idea to post, make it concise, to the point and cover all points in an in depth manner. Make sure you know what you are talking about before throwing your opinions in, otherwise get ready for ugly debate.

There are new player help threads which I have found useful as I relearn the game. I skip over complainers of how broken the game is and look for honest suggestions or answers. If you are looking for guilds on particular servers there is usually a thread stickied and updated for the servers. Take it with an ounce of salt though, people do come and go often.

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