Monday, November 28, 2011

The Ghostwolves

Well, I went and did it, created a guild on Wiccana. Wiccana is the unofficial RP server but I wanted to create a guild where new players and old could just have a good time. Within 3 days of recruiting we are 30 members plus, mostly new or returning folks. I did this specifically to address new players needing coaching if they wanted and a guild where a lot of new players could band together for instances and stuff that can be difficult obtaining on your own. The idea is to help them work their classes and eventually get raid ready. Rules are simple for us, have fun, be respectful and help each other out. Not difficult. By day 2 of the guild's inception I was able to raise the beginnings of a Guild City. The crew so far are fun to be around and yesterday several of them banded together in the Ruins of Acheron (read beginning zone in Tortage) and blew straight through the Bat Demon quest line. They worked solid as a team and everyone got their rewards. It was nice to see this happen. I am hoping they stay to learn the instances together and work towards raiding down the line. I suppose I could have done this on the Set server but honestly I like the crowd on Wiccana. Anyways here are a few screens of the Guild City as it stands:

The City is Founded near Brandoc Village
So, AoC randomly assigns you a Guild City Site. The small stones show you where construction points are. In the background we see our City is hedged right at the foothills of a mountain overlooking the Leichash Plains a little North East of Brandoc Village. On the immersion level, I figure the place is assigned to guard Brandoc Village along it's frontier edges. Strategic wise, it has an excellent overview and plenty of choke points. There is also an abundant supply of baseline resource nodes nearby which makes it fairly easy to obtain more materials to build with.

The Raising of Ghostwolf Keep
  One thing I never tire of is watching the buildings actually raise up from the ground as though construction is going on when you have gotten your materials and your plans put together. You need to choose the Architect skill set to build anything at a Guild City site. The skill is very expensive as it takes a plan set for each building, wall section, tower and upgrade. For the Tier 1 City this is over a gold per plan to create. Good thing is, you can often find bargains on the Auction House to cut costs. Eventually though you will pay for the plans to turn in your work to increase your skill.

The Keep built
 Here we see the Keep finished. It is of course small, but that is just the beginning. The nice part is that each building built gives a bonus to all guild members. But it's a testament to commitment to build these things as it's pretty resource intensive. In the end though, it is something to be proud of.

The Weaponsmith
Always important to have someone banging iron into steel and have weapons at the ready. Each building corresponds with a craft as well so that members can easily access basing crafting mats within their city if they so wish.

The Armorsmith
 Very militant to create these first but there is method to the madness. As a city is created, certain buildings can't be built until some basic ones are created first. The Weaponsmith and the Armorsmith must both be built before the Barracks can be built.

Standing Watch over the City
 The Barracks was next in line, Here Khadoc stands guard at the Barracks. In my design, the barracks overlooks the lower part of the city but is forward of the keep. I did this simply because it made sense to deploy troops both to the inner Keep and the city at large when necessary (on the immersion/RP level by the way as it has no real effects for placement in the game).

The Alchemists Tower was next. Alchemy is a pretty good skill set to have within a guild. Better powered potions and food make it a good thing for raiders etc. You can climb up the stairwell inside all the way to the top...good views heh heh heh!

A Den of Thieves
Every City has one place where criminals and ne'erdowells congregate, Thieves, Cutthroats and Vagabonds the lot of them. They do however provide spies as well as gem cutting supplies. So, tucked in a corner of a side alley, the Thieves Guild is born.

To date this is the progress I have made upon the city at large. I love to build things and Guild Cities are no exception. They are time consuming and a money sink, but it's fun to see stuff you create as a whole to provide for your guild. So here is to the Ghostwolves, every last one valuable to the success of this endeavor.

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