Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 3 - The Server

As was posted earlier, I am currently on Wiccana for the server. For the most part the people are friendly. Most are helpful and there are still folks out there doing the low level questlines. I got 3 of the Connell's Valley group quests knocked out last night as some teams were forming. The economy is pretty cheap at this time, though this may be in part because there is a Thanksgiving Sale on for the items that can be bought for real cash. It is still somewhat difficult to form groups for instances, but this is only my third day of play so I can't totally be a judge of this. I have started doing the material gathering quests in hopes of making some extra silver on the Auction House, but it's still a pretty rough market. I expect things to slow down since there are a number of game titles that just came out, but still there is a fair amount of activity. I did log onto a couple of old toons on the pvp server Tyranny, but it really seemed pretty dead, during the time frame I logged (around 7 pm Central time US), Wandered around a little bit and found little activity so I went back to Wiccana. I here the other pve Server, Set is pretty active though I haven't explored it as much yet.

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