Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3.1 Live but what about custom UI's?

So the server was down an additional 2 hours beyond the 18 they posted prior to me going to bed. I'm ok with this though the nerd rage on the forums was entertaining to me. I do feel sorry for the Aussie's though. They would have had a chance to actually play during prime time if the patch kicked off like it was supposed to. Before you think I am going to flame FunCom, think again. You see, they made huge server changes to better the performance over all in the game as well as class fixes and a few other things here and there. this takes both soft and hardware changes and it probably can become a real pain in the ass. I'm no IT, but having been around military IT's I can tell you major upgrades can take some time, especially when issues arise. I doubt their staff for the AoC area is that robust either. So give em a break, at least they are trying to work things through. And yes it is still frustrating, but really if you are getting mad over a game being down a day with amounts to maybe .50cents of your $14.99 per month you really got to get a life.

 When I get home tonight I will post the actual final notes for 3.1, or you can check them out on the Official Forums. Pretty much everything I posted from the TL though is what their final posting indicated on the Patch notes. There may be a few minor discrepencies, so it is still worth it to go check them out. I did notice one of the Bear Shaman Combos got reduced by 1 step. This is nice for the Shammies for sure. I think though there will be some seriously pissed off Conqueror's as one of their big finishing blows is still a 4 step combo. This makes for ugly situations in PvP. Hopefully the Conq's qill get a little love in the future. Conq's are one of my favorite soldier classes by the way. I also noticed that Asassin's got some fun as well. again for details hit the official notes for specifics.

Ok so I tested out the 3.1 real quick before work this morning. My old custom UI (Strange) decided to poop out on me. SOOOOO...I first tried a ByCrom update to kill the bmxl files and update...no dice folks. I decided a that point I would go ahead and uninstall Strange and see if Corruption would work. I like Corruption by the way but I was enjoying Strange as far as UI's go. Anyways, Corruption did in fact install correctly. Now tonight when I get off work I will test it out to ensure all numbers/data/bags etc work correctly. But so far, Corruption is a go for cutstoms. I haven't tried out Fire UI or Stonerune so they may be options to check out. My suggestion though is whatever UI you have, uninstall and reinstall first before nerd raging. Trouble shoot it, then try a different one. They may not be your ideal UI you like but they damned sure beat the hell out of the default UI. Anyways, you can find all the custome UI's on Curse.com. In a previous post I mention Fire UI and Stange UI. They are found on Deviant Art and you can DL them directly from there. Well, that' it for the moment. Good luck out there in Hyboria!

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