Thursday, December 1, 2011

AoC 3.1 patch hotfixes

Well we are in our 3rd day of hot fixes for the 3.1 patch that FC put out. The forums are a mix of rage, disappointment and, well, optimism. It is hard no doubt to deal with all of the hot fixes. However it seems the Dev team is busting their butts in trying to fix the code issues. Meanwhile, the custom UI designers have been attempting to keep up with the patch updates. I know the Fire UI designer has been trying to keep up with the changes though it is a daunting task.

Here is the thing, I have yet to see another MMO come close to stretching the boundaries of graphic design and execution that AoC has obtained. I have yet to see another MMO that has attempted to increase backside capabilities so that the game performs better for the client. Look, trying to improve upon a graphics engine is a pretty insane task. Test Live servers aren't always going to identify the bugs and glitches. And while I know some TL players are diligently reporting problems, there are still alot who aren't reporting them. They go in, play around, get the lowdown and disregard reporting. Here is the other issue. Test something out, report bug. It could be an anomaly unless a pattern develops that the software engineers can break down code wise. I think that while there is a surprising amount of issues and glitches, the game has improved and continues to do so. It isn't perfected yet, but it is getting there.

What I have experienced:
*Crashes during combat only when using a customized UI.

*Rubberbanding during the first 2 minutes of play if I try to move about. this only happens 3- times then it clears up

*Lag spikes that redline during combat combo sequences (this a lot more frequent, especially while doing extended chain combat sets with mobs)

*Extended reload times between zones

*Black numbers appearing for damage/gains resulting in combat related game crashes

Ok, Now I personally wont go into instances while new patches come out until the bugs are cleared up so I cannot account for the issues there. I would say a lot of players have crashed during fights in the raids, even just clearing trash mobs. Me, when things clear up I'll go back doing instances. In the meantime when the servers are up, I got alts I want o experiment with and level. I still enjoy working questlines past the LV 30 zones. The storylines of chain quests and the rich world is always a fun thing with little serious repercussions.

Sounds grim? No, I am actually impressed by the amount of hard work they are attempting to put into creating the most immersive MMO environment I have seen to date. Now, I do get a huge increase in FPS as well as excellent graphic settings. Where I used to get 30-35 fps, I have started to get close to 50 fps. Once the servers stabilize, I know I'll enjoy the increased frame rates and performance. The end note is while it is taking an increased amount of time to get stuff working, the game seems to be getting better all the time.

I think part of the problem is the nasty attitudes I have seen in regards to this patch. I got decent feedback from Famine (Asst Sr Community Manager) simply because the suggestions I put across were polite, respectful, to the point and reasonable. I don't believe in being rude, it only turns people off. Famine did reply to my post and while he can't guarantee what compensation FC will give, he definitely did pass on my suggestions to the company to consideration. Famine doesn't run the company, but he is the liaison and does try to convey the community issues.

Anyways, those are my thoughts for the day. In the near future I will be showcasing certain guilds and players of the game in interview form here on the blog. I look forward to their responses and interaction. Good luck out there, and may you spill all the blood you need to in Hyboria!

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