Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just a little Patience... yeah yeah

Running a Guild as it is growing is a mind frazzling experience. As a guild leader trying to build a solid core of players it can be harrowing and at times make you thin you are banging your head on rocks. You are trying to work with everyone's need and balancing your game time play along with the administrative portion. Then, there is the issue of recruiting solid officers. Now there is a challenge. It used to be everyone wanted to be an officer. Now, yeah not so much. A lot of good ideas out there, but taking on the hassles and responsibility...not so much. The ones who I see as really helpful to other guild mates are content to doing just that..helping but not taking the forefront.

This is tough as it is hard to get the guild to progress through instances and learning their roles for later raiding etc. On top of this, while I have a serious NO DRAMA rule, I see it crop up from time to time. So..rush to crush it then get back into the game. All the while, building a City and trying to understand my other toons to be able to run them effectively down the road. It's a ton of work. Being a guildmaster ain't no joke.

The other day someone commented that many of our free to players aren't pulling weight in the guild. I sort of disagree here. They still bring us guild reknown as they quest which has been a major factor in the guild's progress. And also, some of those F2Pers are trying to help out in instances etc. Sometimes it is a money issue. Not everyone has the extra money to blow these days. One of my best F2Pers runs an assassin that has extraordinary abilities in understanding instance mechanics and often takes the lead in looking at strats...also one helluva kite master! So yes F2P members do in fact help the guild.

Keeping turn over is difficult at times. We lost one of my best members as he was from Australia and the time differences just weren't working out. It was understandable, I held no grudge but his efforts for the Guild will be missed sorely.

So, back to recruiting and seeing who has potential, scheduling events, and working our ass off trying to get the City built.

Tier 2 Weaponsmith
On a happy note, got our Tier 2 Weaponsmith up! Now onto the Alchemist Tower.
Its rewarding to see this city built on sweat and toil. We didn't buy any mats, we farmed them the hard way. That's accomplishment to me and shows the hard work of all our guildees who donate the tons of materials. I'm pretty damned proud of them for it!

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