Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Week in Review

Overall, this week has shown better playability for fans of AoC. There are still the occasional banding issues and I personally think the Trade Posts are borked all to hell. BUT, the game as a whole seems to be playable again.

Our Guild, The Ghost wolves have continued to take off with plenty of new blood arriving every day. Currently, looks like we have about 70 active members along with additional alts. The guild has been hard at work getting more materials in for the Guild City. The hardest thing now is the price for drawing up wall and tower plans. We have started gathering the Tier 2 materials since all of our Tier 1 buildings are finished. Four members have shown such dedication towards helping others that I made them officers. They seem to come up with excellent ideas for the guild at large so I am pretty happy.

Khadoc reached level 60, probably would be faster but I continue to gather mats and run my alts as well. Overall, a success. One of my officers has created several quick help scripts that we use to pass out information. Next week I'll be getting Ventrillo up and running for those wanting to do instances and such. Things are looking better after the harsh beginnings of December. In the meantime, here is to Hyboria and all it's glory!

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