Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Ghostwolves got thier Tier 2 Keep

Our team busted their ass getting mats and gold in place and we now have a Tier 2 Keep. This is the culmination of our guild as a whole donating materials and god from sales. Thought I would post this to show their efforts and my pride!

Some of our Guildees present for the Build
Here are some of my fine guildees present for the Build. Titannai, Mharush, Myself (Khadoc), Rhotan, and Lerk. All of them fine members who work hard to make the guild fun.

Tier 2 Upgrade

Here is the Tier 2 Upgrade. There are subtle differences in color and banner additions. IT was a lot of hard work for us to do this along with getting the members to progress. Members not present donated a serious portion of gold and materials to get us this far. Good Work Ghostwolves!!

Ok, that's it for now. We continue to work on getting the other Buildings to Tier 2 though it is a hellafied long haul of a grind to do it. Still, to me it's worth it to see our progress as a whole. With that, Good luck out there in Hyboria!

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