Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Raising a Conqueror

Ok, first and foremost, my Conq is a female, yes I am going in drag on this. She is just to cute dammit! Meet Mytrellah!

 Now I decided to try duel wield as a Conq just to see where it would take me. Most often I see Conq's on 2 handed sword and used as an off tank/battle rezzer. Very useful. But I wanted to try and see where a duel wield would take me, so I created Mytrellah. For beginners, its easiest to level to 10 simply on the 2 handed option since that gives you a Nice burst damage and the combos that are supplied aren't that stamina intensive. But at lv 10, I decided to go ahead and make Mytrellah a duel wield for the challenge.

With duel wield, initially its very Stamina intensive as it only creates one combo, Bloodbath for class specified. The rest are the normal Enraging and Brutal enraging combos. All of which are very stamina intensive. For the class, this means timing is everything. Make sure all levels of your combos are available and hot keyed. I prefer Strage UI for this as it can give me 3 rows of hotkeys.  Now in the beginning levels you get Formation Fireweave. Nice...but I rarely had need of using it's technique spike. retribution Discipline on the other hand is your life saver. Having that on hand to create it's techniques gives you a damage immunity for a bit. Very very useful when faced with multiple opponents. So, I Specced into carnage which has so far given me some awesome bonus damages. Around lv 14 or so you get Breach which is a nice debuff. Long cool down though, so save it for multiple opponents. The one and twos fall like melting snow with your opening Bloodbath and then combo rotations. Make sure you have plenty of rotations on hand to suffice for any directional attack to keep your opponents off balance. This is key to keeping you dps up fast enough to burn them down before they get you. Keep the Discipline for Retribution on hand when you see your health bar about 50% or you have 4 plus opponents. Dropping too soon is a waste, too late and your dead. Remember to watch your cool downs as you play to make sure you are constantly rotating through them to create your max DPS. When you get the chance, drop some points into fierce opening for feats. I find the opening damage very nice on low level opponents.

Ok, these are hints that I am dropping out for the beginning conq who likes duel wield. It's only based upon my experiences so if other;s have different opinions they are welcome to share.

Finally, on Wiccana, the economy is very buyer friendly right now. It isn't hard at all to keep yourself in solid equipment for minimal effort. Keep looking for the best deals since there are so many new players who don't realize the value of what they are selling!

Good luck out there in Hyboria!!!

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