Monday, December 19, 2011

The week in review 19 DEC 11

As far as the guild goes we have almost all our walls up for Tier 1 and by mid week we should have our tier 2 Keep up and running. The guild over all has swelled to well over 100 active members (those that log on regularly within a 48 hour period of time). We should be at Reknown rank lv 2 in another day. This brings up an issue. Reknown hasn't been recalculated in some time. FC seems to be pretty hush hush about it. We haven't capped yet and so are still earning ok. But I do feel bad for those guilds who have capped and are waiting on their next set to progress.

I got to do some raiding with No Quarter on a Tier 1 Raid set against Vissy and Yak. They are a fine group to run with and pretty newbie friendly. I'll be featuring their guild this week as a Spotlight. They seem to be a very player friendly lot so they got points in my book.

3.1 still seems to have a few bugs in it. The trader is better but not where it should be. I didn't notice all the hassles of serious banding or lag spikes. The occasional one happens but it isn't too insane. I am currently on vacation so will be playing more. I got Khadoc up to 80 which is essential for gathering and getting the raid strats down again since its been so long from my last raid experience. Anyways, Things aren't doing too bad over all. The game is getting back on track a little and there are hints of good things to come during the spring months from the developers. I do hope this continues.

As a note to the general reader. If you are looking for an assassin's resource, check out Assassin's Hideout . This is written by Slith, a fine blogger and one to follow.

Ok, that's it for the moment. I will be posting the Guild Spotlight in the next day or so. Take care one and all!!!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Very impressed with Hyborian Rage, and congrats on your guild city upgrades.

    No Quarter is experiencing some issues with the Renown resetting as well. We're accruing it, but the characters aren't resetting. I've actually had to drop guild and rejoin on my architect just to keep earning renown on him. :(

    The guild rankings haven't refreshed since the end of November either.

    Good luck with renown 2 and I'll get back with you within the next few days!

  2. Another issue came to the front today as well. When we hit reknown 2, all the vendors showed up properly, but none of the decoration nodes have shown within the guild city. Hopefully things will straighten out by week's end. I talked to a petition GM and they are giving the FC working as intended statement. Hmm...fishy there, but will keep at it. Thanks for dropping by!