Sunday, December 4, 2011

Slogging through the Mud and Blood

After several days post 3.1 it's been a bloody mud slogging mess. I am still playing, but it's getting tougher with lag spikes and rubber banding and combo drops. This by the way is in the open world. Not bitching but it's been frustrating. I love this game. I have a fledgling guild that have a great bunch of players. But it's been very difficult to advance forward right now. I am starting to wonder if they need to roll the servers back to 3.0 and start from scratch software wise. I am the first to admit that doing what they are doing is totally cutting edge for graphics in a mmo. I know it is one huge pain in the ass. But I think they need to seriously restructure the coding etc and hopefully drop it in a little later. I will keep playing, but it is literally like wading through mud at the moment. Well, here is to hoping for the fixes to finish.

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