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Guild Spotlight: No Quarter

I had the chance to raid with a very friendly guild a few days ago. I mentioned them yesterday but had the pleasure to get an interview with the Co- Leader and Leader of No Quarter.

Tigeran, Hiei, Orilissa, Mairenne, Budakis, Skulk, Zykora, Arcanyx
of No Quarter
 Now these folk were very friendly to new raiders or those that needed to knock a lot of rust off their blades. They were patient with Strategies and willing to teach As we went along on two Tier 1 Raids. I felt right at home. there wasn't a bit of arrogance or attitude and we cleared both Yakh and Vissy in no time at all. Here is a guild shot of some of their crew.

First a little about yourself:
Mairenne: I’m a 32 year old, single mother, living in Minnesota.  I’ve got no pets now, but have had 3 cats over the years, and expect I’ll have more pets in the future.  I’m night owl and can sleep all day long on the weekends if I’m given the chance.  Someday I’d love to be a published writer, but I need more schooling for that.
Budakis : I'm a 26 year old single father, Live in Texas. I usually only play AoC once the daughter has settled in for bed. Other then that I enjoy hunting and fishing.

Give us a little background about how long you have been playing AoC, what is your favorite character class and what spurs you to continue playing Aoc?
Mairenne: I’ve been active in the AoC community since January of 2008.  I joined my first guild’s forums before the game launched, and made my first virtual step on Hyborian ground May 17, 2008.  I’ve been involved and playing ever since.  My favorite class is tough to choose.  I’ve had three true main characters – ranger, barbarian, and conqueror.  I’ve got 9 80s and will end up with 14 when all is said and done.  As for what keeps me going, I just love the game.  I love the combat style, I love the graphics, the content, and the community.

Budakis: Well I am not a tenured veteran but I do catch up to speed quickly I started playing AoC in February of 2011. My favorite class would have to be the Dark Templar, It just seems to be the most versatile you can go do so much without even having to re-feat. AoC offers a lot of challenges that most games do not. Before coming to AoC I lead a top raiding  guild in Dungeons and Dragons Online but after a while the game got mundane, They would come out with new " Epic" content and we would have it down on farm mode in less then a week. Then it was just to repetitive. AoC still has allot that not " everyone" can do, and most of it I haven't done yet. So i guess the game just still has a lot to offer.
What aspects of the game are your favorite?

 Mairenne:  I truly enjoy raiding and raid leading.  I’d have to say that’s my favorite part of the game.  Be it a quick T1 or going where the big boys play in T3+, that’s where I prefer to be.  Doing six mans can be a blast as well, old or new world.  And architecture – can’t forget that!  My PoM is my architect, and currently I have almost 100 of the 150 or so guild city decoration recipes.  My goal is to get them all one day.  The combat system is fantastic.  I’ve tried playing other games here and there, and nothing compares to AoC’s combat style.
Budakis : I would have to say Hard Mode 6 mans and raiding. I also like leveling with the quest it helps allot most other mmo's its just all about grinding xp from mob kills.

Do you feel the game has progressed technically throughout it's lifespan?
Mairenne:  At launch there were so many bugs and issues, but one of the biggest complaints was that DX10 was not enabled as it was advertised.  With the Dreamworld Technology, Funcom has been able to do a lot more with the game behind the scenes and technically, so yes, I think the game has progressed.  DX10 has been available for quite a while now, the graphics have been enhanced even more so than they were at launch, and overall, it is a very technical game.  It’s not a game you can just learn within a few hours of playing, which is more than I can say for other games I’ve tried.

Budakis: I haven't been playing very long so I guess I don't have much input on this.
Give us an overview of your guild, what server your guild is on, how long has it been established, Guild goals, accomplishments and recruitment policies?

Mairenne: Our guild is on the Wiccana Server (US), and has been live and recruiting since October 27th, 2011.  It’s a new guild, but the drive behind it has been with me for a few years now.  I think our main goals are to fill with players who know the game well, or can learn it well.  We want to have fun, progress, and be one of those guilds people look up to.  Currently we can raid T1 and T2, and I hope that within the next few months at most, we’ll be knocking on Thoth-Amon’s door as a guild as well.  We want to play hard and enjoy Hyboria  But as our guild name suggests, we give no quarter – meaning we won’t carry you though.  You’ve got to want to learn and play well, want to be active, and want to participate to make it in No Quarter.

Budakis: Our guild is on the Wiccana Server (US), and has been live and recruiting since October 27th, 2011.  We are currently working to get to T3 raiding. I usually prefer to group with someone before they join be it a 6 man or a raid, But we do recruit people in before that, They would just be expected to show up to raids and willing to play their character to its potential or take the help given to get them there.
What makes your guild stand out among the rest on your server?

Mairenne: I’d like to think we stand out because of our raids.  Even before No Quarter was formed, people would ask me after a raid if they could join guild to raid with us.  At the time, the guild I was in wouldn’t allow that, but now we can, and have picked up several members simply because of our raiding ethics and style.  I am one of the server’s only female raid leaders, and I think that right there makes us more memorable.  We are patient with new players, and will teach them the things they need to know.  We explain strategies on every encounter, and best of all we joke around and have fun.  I’ve raided with so many other people that are cold and harsh, so down to business that their raids aren’t even fun to be a part of.  I don’t like that.  They are not ‘newbie’ friendly either and can be very discouraging to a new 80.  My viewpoint is this – we all had to learn somehow.  So if others aren’t willing to teach, I am.  I have had to kick a few people here and there from raid, but the person has to really screw up for me to consider that (going afk during all the trash, parsing on the bottom as a dps class, healers being out healed by tanks, or being a right ass in vent, etc.).

Budakis : I would agree with Mairenne and say our raids. We try to keep a fun atmosphere and not be to serious. I mean it is a game after all and we should be playing to have fun.
What things about your guild you are most proud of?

Mairenne: All of them? Haha.  I am proud of our guild city, the activity level of most of our members, and the willingness to work together and help each other out.  I am especially proud of our guild’s website – I put that together, so it’s my baby.

Budakis: Our members they pull their own weight and stuck it out when we were just a few people working together. Most importantly our raid leader Mairenne she does a great job, and if she is leading the raids that means I don't have to lol, although i do lead one here and there.
How do you keep guild members motivated and keep new blood coming in?

Mairenne: We encourage everyone to partake in as much as they can together, be it mini games, raids, or six mans.  We recognize those that have donated mats for our guild city progression, and will help gear out their characters by giving them the last relic they need, run instances for them, and give them advice on class builds, etc.  As for keeping new blood coming in – we recruit in global and on AoC’s official forums.  If we see someone in our raids/six mans that’s not guilded, and they’ve done well, we’ll ask them if they’d have an interest in joining as well.

Budakis: We try to be very active, Encourage people to come on raids, 6mans and minigames. As for recruiting it seems that it has been pretty even between people hearing about us and approaching me about the guild or me posting in global.
What would you like to see in future patches and expansions?

Mairenne: I’d love for Funcom to offer more items with Vet points.  For those relatively new to the game, they may struggle to buy all the various paths and mounts, but for someone who’s got hundreds of vet points on each toon, they really have nothing to spend them all on.  Bigger quest and resource inventories would be awesome, and even a bigger bank for guilds.  I’d love to see an expansion in several different lands – Pictish Wilderness, Black Kingdoms, Asgard/Hyperborea, or even Argos/Zingara.  As for new content – that’s for them to figure out – I’m no game designer.   I just want it to be fun and challenging, but not a grind.  I would also like to see some good quality PvP content too.  I’m no PvPer, but I know the majority, if not all of the PvP crowd is unhappy with what the game offers now.
Budakis: A working LFG ( looking for group) Window, This would make almost every aspect of the game better, from leveling a new toon to end game 6 man and raiding. Just have a window that pulled up the group/raid leader could put in what they were doing, what they needed and what level. All you would need to do would be open up the window and it would show your who was running what.

Where do you see the future of AoC?
Mairenne:  People have said since launch that this is a dying game, and that it won’t make it.  But based on Funcom’s community newsletters and updates on their goals for 2012, all I can see is a whole bunch of good stuff.  There will always be people who aren’t satisfied, people who think Funcom – or any gaming company for that matter – isn’t doing all they can to please their community, but it is straight up impossible to please everyone.  So I think Funcom is heading in the right direction, by finally putting out content they said would be available at launch (House of Crom), fixing T4 in Khitai, and then some.  They have visions - big ones.  It’s just a matter of making those visions come to life.  And I have faith that Funcom will find a way to do just that.

Budakis : Usually as long as there is a player base there will be a game. I see maybe another merger to keep the servers population high, But I don't see the game going away any time soon.

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